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Many patients in Manassas, Virginia come to Basler Chiropractic & Wellness seeking treatment for themselves, but they soon bring their children to obtain the same level of care. Child chiropractic care is an area of practice that is incredibly rewarding, both professionally and personally.

Child Chiropractic Care Q&A

Why do children need chiropractic care?

During childhood, the human body undergoes an enormous amount of change along with the growing process. These changes can place incredible pressure on the structures of the body. In addition, a normal, healthy childhood results in innumerable stressful incidents, from sports injuries to trauma sustained during the course of regular play. It should also be noted that the processes of gestation and birth place a great deal of force on a baby’s spine, which can result in long-term spinal conditions.

How is child chiropractic care conducted?

Kids receive the same level of treatment that is provided to adult patients, which is always centered on a thorough physical examination combined with information collected from the patient’s health history. That said, the techniques used to complete spinal adjustments on children and infants are far more gentle than those associated with adult chiropractic care. Often, only very light pressure from the fingertips is required to address misalignments of the spine in a child’s body.

Is child chiropractic care a painful process?

Chiropractic care should be painless for both adults and children. In cases where an individual is seeking treatment following a traumatic injury, the area surrounding the injury can be sensitive to the touch. However, adjustments and other chiropractic techniques used to address the issue will usually lead to the elimination of pain. Practitioners take great care to make chiropractic treatment a positive experience for both adults and children alike. As parents themselves, the practitioners at Basler Chiropractic & Wellness understand the trust that is literally placed in their hands when parents bring their children in for chiropractic care.

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