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Because the hip joint is critical to normal movement and activity, hip pain is an issue that brings many patients in for chiropractic care. At Basler Chiropractic & Wellness, practitioners and support staff focus on helping patients in Manassas, Virginia move beyond hip pain.

Hip Pain Q&A

What are the primary causes of hip pain?

The ball and socket joint of the hips are the largest joints in the human body. These joints allow movement and mobility, although they are often overlooked until a problem arises. The hip joint is incredibly durable, but it should never be considered indestructible. Over the course of time, the cartilage and other soft tissues within the hip can degenerate or sustain damage, leading to the experience of hip pain. Traumatic injury brought about by an auto accident, fall or other sudden force to the body can also cause hip pain.

Is hip pain always felt directly within the joint itself?

When patients come in complaining of hip pain, they often report discomfort not only in the joint itself but also in the surrounding area. It is not uncommon for patients suffering from hip joint issues to report discomfort or pain in their thigh, groin or buttocks. In some cases, hip pain is not directly affected by a condition within the hip itself but is referred from other areas such as the back. This is why obtaining a thorough physical exam and going through the full diagnostic process is critical in attaining a favorable treatment outcome.

How do chiropractors treat hip pain?

When patients come in complaining of hip pain, the first step is a thorough diagnostic evaluation. If the pain is indeed originating from the hip joint and surrounding tissue, an individualized course of treatment is created. Many patients respond well to chiropractic adjustments of the hip joint, combined with other treatment approaches. Massage is also a powerful means of reducing pain in the muscles in and around the hip. In addition to providing adjustments, chiropractors also seek to inform and educate patients on self-care techniques that can be used to strengthen the hip and avoid future pain and discomfort. These include improvements in posture, targeted exercise, and stretching, as well as the management and reduction of workplace stressors.

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