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At Basler Chiropractic & Wellness, patients from Manassas, Virginia and the surrounding areas can obtain comprehensive treatment for shoulder pain. There are numerous treatment options available, and an individualized approach is used to find a solution for virtually every set of needs.

Shoulder Pain Q&A

What are some common causes of shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can have a number of causes, which is why obtaining a proper diagnosis is critical in achieving a favorable treatment outcome. The shoulder contains a number of different bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments, and this area of the body is often placed under significant strain during the course of normal activities. In many cases, shoulder pain is the result of a structural malfunction in the shoulder joints or in the soft tissues surrounding the shoulder. Some people experience shoulder pain after a traumatic injury that dislocates or destabilizes the shoulder joint. It is important to note that shoulder pain can also be a result of structural problems in the nearby areas of the neck or back. This is known as referred pain, and it’s a common condition that prompts patients to seek chiropractic care.

When should patients seek treatment for shoulder pain?

In the case of a traumatic injury, the patient should seek immediate treatment for shoulder pain in order to avoid an increase in pain or further complications. For patients who experience shoulder pain that is not related to an injury, it’s important to seek chiropractic care if pain persists more than a few days, or if it recurs over a period of time. Any time that shoulder pain is accompanied by visible deformity of the joint or an inability to raise one’s arm, immediate care should be sought. It is important for patients to listen to the signals that their body is sending and to seek care for persistent discomfort or reduced joint mobility.

What are the treatment options for shoulder pain?

One of the most common treatments for persistent shoulder pain is an adjustment of the affected joint. Adjustment techniques vary, and they can include the use of specialized chiropractic tools or simple manual adjustment techniques. In many cases, the chiropractor will also perform adjustments in the areas of the neck and upper back to assist in the relief of shoulder pain. Ongoing care includes education about proper posture, workplace ergonomics, and therapeutic exercise and stretching routines.

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